Capturing the essence of relationships is the primary goal of Award winning Portrait Artist Robert Allen.

"I see each portrait as a challenge to interpret and create a very personal piece of art, to preserve a magical moment of life".

Nothing warms your home or makes a room more personal

than a beautiful Portrait by Robert on your wall.

Planning your Studio Session

Each sitting is arranged after careful discussion and is tailored to suit individual requirements. Our unhurried relaxed atmosphere helps us together create Portraits that captures the warmth of each personality. The sitting results in a variety of images for you to select from and make your choices for the wall portraits to hang in your home or office.

We are a 100% Irish Company,We are not part of any franchise, all our Portraits and Custom framing are hand crafted here in Ireland

Our studio is on the south side of Dublin , and provides superb facilities for all types of Portrait photography. We are located in a quiet cul-de-sac with our own private off street parking. We also have our garden settings to use when the weather permits.

Studio Hours Are By Appointment

"Experience makes the difference"

We have the experience and expertise coupled with a special flair for capturing the spontaneous and elusive qualities that make a portrait of lasting value, reflecting the subtle blend of formality and fun that has become our hallmark.

Treat yourself NOW to that exclusive portrait you deserve. There's never a better time. Remember

"To own one is to own an original"

The Studio Session:

At the portrait sitting Robert will make a great selection of pictures in a variety of poses for you to choose from. We take our time in the studio, there is no rush.

Whatever length of time it takes thats it !

We recommend you bring a change of clothing to give some variety in the finished selection.

See section below on 'What to Wear'.

there are no "pose" restrictions. The amount of images taken during a Portrait session can be anywhere from 10 upwards depending upon the session. We never count the number of images we make, rather we take the time to achieve the imagery that you are looking for. Please call with questions, or to schedule an appointment

Your Preview Show

After your portrait sitting we will make an appointment for you to come back to preview your portraits. We allocate one hour for each preview session. Depending on how many images there are, it can take between half an hour and one hour. Please give yourself enough time to enjoy the experience .

We would advise you not to bring children to this viewing as they quickly get tired and will distract you, when you need to makecareful decisions. You will see the images we have made for you on a large screen, There are no paper proofs, or proofs to take home. We will show you how your favourite picture will look in the various sizes we offer. We will discuss how the final portrait will be made, whether any enhancing is necessary and the type of finish and framing. We will give you every assistance to make your decision. Give careful consideration as to where you are going to hang your portraits in your home or office visit this site for some ideas;


Be prepared to place your order at the preview appointment. This is when you order and pay for your portraits, there will be no other occasion.


All our Portraits are printed to the very highest standard using only the best archrival materials available. The overlays, mounting and framing is all done here on the premises and finished to a top quality level of craftsmanship.

" To own one is to own an original."

All our portraits are supplied complete with frame from our custom made range.See section on Portrait Prices

What to wear; Your sitting will take place in the relaxed atmosphere of our studio. There is a dressing room for your use so you may bring along an alternative outfit if you wish. In all cases avoid strong patterns, bold stripes or checks.

A lot of our work is shot against a white background so jeans and light coloured tops look good or all dark or black is a good alternative

Clothing Suggestions for

Timeless Family Portraits

Begin with a neutral theme

For a classic look start with solid fabrics.Add a little pattern and splashes of color with the childrens outfits and accessories on the adults (scarf, shawl, cardigan, hat, etc).

Do not mix dark and light tops and bottoms. Especially in larger groups.Mixing darks and lights creates a busy look. Keeping the entire group in darker tones or all in lighter tones simplifies and draws attention to the faces.

To slenderize

Dark clothing tends to slenderize, especially against darker backdrops. Long sleeves and dark stockings also slenderize and simplify.

For a Natural Look

Sweaters and other long-sleeved knits help you look relaxed. Layered tops add depth and dimension. Jeans are great because they allow us to sit people on the ground. For outdoor portraits, autumn colors, or jewel tones work better than pastels.

For a Formal Group

For a stunning formal portrait, start with a blend of rich, understated colors, not too matchyAdd a little dark-on dark pattern in accessories. Don't be afraid to spice it up with a color splash, over-the-top fabrics, necklines and jewelry. Darker tones work well to simplify the overall look.

Try this: Lay out everyones clothing together in the room where your portrait will live. Replace outfits and add accessories until you achieve a fresh and exciting look for that room.

Relax - Once you get here, the hardest part is done.My promise is to create a great experience and beautiful portraits.We have scheduled plenty of time to fit everything you may want in the session, plus a little more I love what I do and I find inspiration in each session, and I never settle for anything less than the best.

Children, Please do not tell young children beforehand that they are going to be photographed. The least said the better. There is no need to warn a child to sit still, to be good, or to smile. Where some special expression is desired, or must be avoided, please tell us - do not tell the child. When arranging the appointment do not hesitate to tell us, but not in front of the child, if he or she is exceptionally shy or nervous. If we are warned, we can take steps to secure satisfactory results.

It is wiser not to bring friends or relatives to the studio to see the show. Apart from the fact that a group of adults arriving at the studio makes the child apprehensive, it is not desirable for friends to be in the studio during the sitting.

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Treat yourself NOW to that exclusive portrait you deserve. There's never a better time. Remember

'To own one is to own an original"

Now, before the moment is lost to time,


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